• Let It Come Down

    "SONGS WE SANG IN OUR DREAMS" is the sole LP from Kramer's first collaborative project in nearly 30 years,
    Featuring the empyreal voice of UK artist XAN TYLER... https://www.instagram.com/xandango/
    the LP offers an interior tapestry woven of the shared experience of the passing of Time, Love, Loss and Dreams.
    The 12 pieces on the LP form a somnambulist excursion into, through, and beyond the natural world,
    arriving at an imaginary resting place wherein dissolving memories are all that remains after Love is gone.
    Each of the pieces on the LP are accompanied by an Ambient-Cinema event created by Kramer
    that illustrates its place of birth, and subsequent death ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHaKL3f3avM

    Kramer - music
    Xan Tyler - vocals