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Bruce Haack

Captain Entropy

Shimmy-2019    Release date: Aug 25, 2023   

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First pressing limited to 555 hand-numbered copies, on 150gm black vinyl.

"CAPTAIN ENTROPY (a participation journey for elementary and high-school people~-through the soul of space-ship earth--from principles of thermodynamics to folks like the American eagle) Created and totally performed by BRUCE HAACK." - from Original Liner Notes

An electro-surrealist musical journey from the mind of Bruce Haack “The Captain” - capturing his inventive genius musically in tandem with tapping into the voice of his inner child, innovative story songs inspired by Bruce Haack’s diverse musical interests and a love of Science and explorations of the Natural World, songs to excite the imaginations of listeners, both young and old. 

Remastered by Kramer in 2023. The digital download contains an additional 20 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material; 3 never-before-heard songs from the lower depths of the Haack Archives.

This LP was originally released in 1974 on Dimension 5 - the Artist’s own label. This new reissue LP will be a hand-numbered limited edition pressing of 555 on Black Vinyl and an unlimited pressing on Clear Vinyl. A free digital download card including three additional tracks is included with each LP. 

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  • Tracklist

    SIDE 1
    Captain Entropy:
    a magical mystery tour of concepts of thermodynamics. As you dance to the electric jazz-rock, you will become aware that you are enacting entropy--a phenomenon in which energy seems to keep evening itself out--flowing from a place of greater to a place of lesser concentration.

    2. Army Ants in Your Pants:
    a chance to belly-dance-while you learn some pretty heavy things about the social structure and group communication of certain insects. Very funny

    3. Music:
    an early soul-beat plus electronic "strings" gives a space-capsule insight into where music is really at. Believe it or not---people used to scrape strands of animal tissue with hair from a horse's tail to make it.

    4. Mallangong:
    a personally guided tour by Mallangong itself (mediumized and voiced by Bruce Haack). What's a Mallangong? Ever hear of a Theraspid?

    SIDE 2
    The Universal Unicycle Show (pedal it):
    here Bruce Haack and one of his electronic-voiced selves gives you a chance to really exercise your body and head--and maybe even turn your wheels a little.

    2. Walking Eagle:
    precious insight into a religious experience Bruce Haack shared as a youth with Indians of Western Canada--with his friend Walking Eagle--great chief of the Stony.

    3. The American Eagle:
    unusually known facts about the great bird of America and another plea for preservation of species by ecologically-headed Bruce Haack. Set to an irresistible beat.

    4. Metric Conversion:
    a humorous chant to immediately teach you basics of the metric system, its origin and origins of other measuring systems. Instead of using a foot or a yard--the metric system is just as hard.

    5. Catfish
    wow. Catfish has a way of zapping things by an extended sense of touch. And it can taste with its lips and its behind. And the male holds each egg in his mouth as it incubates. Set to an electro-rock version of the old folk tune "the blue tailed fly". Delicious.

    1. 1973
    2. Bods
    3. Jam

  • Credits

    Original LP Composed, Written, Produced, & Mixed by Bruce Haack
    Child voices on this album belong to: Jimmy and Tracy Cannon and Denise Wolverson.

    All photos courtesy of Braden Cannon and the Provincial Archive of Alberta
    Original album design by Jack Wolf
    Reissue design and layout by Curtis Godino and Ryan Hover
    Remastered by Kramer (2023) from the original analog tapes
    Dedicated to Bruce Haack, Ted Pandel, Esther Nelson, and Chris Kachulis
    Publisher: Bruce Haack Publishing 1714 N. Mascher St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Att: Peter Price