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Daniel Johnston

Artistic Vice

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This is a re-release of Daniel's classic Shimmy-Disc LP, authorized by the Johnston family and re-mastered by Kramer from the original master recordings in 2008. It also featured brand new 'liner notes' by Kramer, detailing his experiences during the making of the LP. This LP speaks for itself, though, and needs no introductions or explanations. There'll never be another Daniel Johnston, and this LP proves it.
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  • Tracklist

    1. My Life is Starting Over
    2. Honey I Sure Miss You
    3. I Feel So High
    4. A Ghostly Story
    5. Tell Me Now
    6. Easy Listening
    7. I Know Casper
    8. The Startling Facts
    9. Hoping
    10. It's Got to be Good
    11. Happy Soul
    12. The Dream Is Over
    13. Love of My Life
    14. I Killed the Monster
    15. Laurie
    16. Fate Will Get Done
    17. I Get Depressed When You Undress (previously unreleased)
    18. I Feel So High (demo version)
    19. Laurie (demo version)
    20. The Monster Inside of Me (previously released as vinyl single only)

  • Credits

    All songs by Daniel Johnston.
    Re-mastered by Kramer in 2008.