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Laraaji & Kramer

Baptismal - Ambient Symphony #1

Shimmy-2017    Release date: Jun 02, 2023   

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As one of the very few true 'Godfathers' of Ambient Music, Laraaji has forged a unique path forward (always, always forward) since his groundbreaking 1980 LP for Eno's Ambient label, "DAY OF RADIANCE." It remains one of eternal pillars of the genre. His extraordinary contributions to modern music over the course of four decades highlight his lifelong dedication to the belief that Peace can be achieved through audio serenity. 

Kramer's work in Ambient Music is less universally known, but no less pioneering. His most recent Shimmy-Disc LP, 'Music For Films Edited by Moths', suggests that his immersion in the genre is now complete. Cerebral yet simple, intoxicating yet tranquil, Kramer's newest and more elusive body of work gently heralds what lies ahead.  His commitment to quiet music is complete.

LARAAJI & KRAMER - "AMBIENT SYMPHONY #1" is the first window into their collective muse - a collaborative LP of shimmering clarity and vision, defying all expectations for the fans of each of these two diversely pioneering artists. Containing three 'Movements' (along with an additional 4th Movement on the digital release), this first Ambient Symphony is a beatific exercise in the sublime, unfolding dreams to waking life.

Quiet music has never been so colorfully detailed, or so nakedly honest. Ambient Music has a new beginning.
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  • Tracklist

    1. Submersion
    2. Immersion
    3. Ascension
    4. The Return (cass / cd / digital bonus)

  • Credits

    Composed & Performed by
    Laraaji / Kramer (2022)
    (Warp Publishing / Secretly Publishing)

    Layout & Design by Ryan Hover
    Produced, Mixed & Mastered by KRAMER