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Pan American & Kramer

Reverberations Of Non-Stop Traffic On Redding Road

SHIMMY-2022    Release date: Mar 22, 2024   

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(SHIMMY-2022)  Release Date 3/22/24
Pan American & Kramer
"Reverberations Of Non-Stop Traffic On Redding Road"
Limited-Edition 1st pressing of 555 hand-numbered LPs on 150gm black vinyl.   
Also available on 150gram Clear Vinyl. 
Each LP also includes a free download card for the full LP, including an 11 minute bonus track (digital only); "For GW". 

Jacket and Insert Photography by Rudy Royston
Layout & Design by Kramer and Ryan Hover
11 Brief Sojourns into the Dream State.
The collaboration is an aural journey, capturing a serene sense of solitude within Nelson’s minimalistic guitars and Kramer’s orchestral drones...
Produced by Kramer
All Music by Kramer & Mark K. Nelson (Pan American)
Mark K. Nelson is a composer/performer living and working in Chicago. He was previously a member/founder of the musical collectives 'Labradford' and 'Anjou'.
Kramer is a composer/performer/filmmaker and the founder of Shimmy-Disc. He is also the producer of numerous seminal recordings by some of the most renowned indie artists of our time.

On "Reverberations Of Non-Stop Traffic On Redding Road" ... 
" I would beg listeners both animal and human to allow these beautiful landscapes I've created in collaboration with Mark Nelson to sing and speak and weep for themselves. Please. Forget about words. Just LISTEN. " -Kramer

 " It was an honor to work with Kramer. That we came out of it with a great friendship and a record that's unique to each of our histories and  music that we're proud to share is a privilege and a joy. As for the music, this line from Arthur Russell says it so well:
'If I could convince you these are words of love, the heartache would remain but the pain would be gone'."
 - Mark K. Nelson
Photo: Kramer & Pan American

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  • Tracklist

    Side A:
    Floating Island
    Plants Used For Weaving
    Boundary Fence
    The Soft Structure

    Side B:
    A Mountain Is An Ancestor
    The Caretaker
    The Miner's Pale Child
    On Redding Road
    Floating Epitaph

    Bonus Track (Digital Only): For GW

  • Credits

    Composers: Mark K. Nelson(Pan American) and Kramer (BMI / Secretly Publishing)
    Produced by Kramer
    Cover & Insert Photography: Rudy Royston