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SHIMMY-2024    Release date: Jul 12, 2024   

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SHIMMY-2024 (Release Date July 12, 2024)

The 1st pressing is limited to 555 hand-numbered LP's on 150gm black vinyl, available exclusively through the Shimmy-Shop & on Bandcamp.

A Clear vinyl pressing will arrive in stores on July 12, 2024.

A link to the free digital download will accompany each vinyl purchase also includes four special "digital-only" bonus tracks. 

While LUMBEROB's stage act tries for maximalist sonic vaudeville, hopes for loosely improvised electro-skank Pee-Wee’s Playhouse HARD house, this new album HUNTER GATHER is a studio project of well-made micro-fiction sing-song swank as proper pop deviance might could. 
Built from the same loopy logic which drives the stomping slaphappy force of his live show, these tunes are weirdly thunk out loud and large.
Mixed and mastered by KRAMER, the album surprises itself - estranged from obvious categorization.
These slippery little bangers are bold exercises in genre discovery. It sounds like nothing, it goes with everything. They bounce. They make dizzy.
Nothing is old in that feeling, ever.

In LUMBEROB'S own words, "I am generally thought of as a good closer, a tough act to follow. I strive to be that surreally inventive performer who spins giddy with excitement, who dances dumb and bangs hard. That’s what I do, and this album is a refined encapsulation of that energy. There’s truly beautiful stupidity found here.


LUMBEROB is Rob Erickson. He teaches 8th grade honors humanities at a public middle school in Manhattan. Somehow this makes sense when you see his act: a scrambling demonstration of splatter-paint looping and elegant big beat sing-song. Drawing attention to its own process of making, a LUMBEROB show is a workshop in exuberant sound and physical response. Inspired by eclectic psych-noise and avant-garde experiment, LUMBEROB plays the part of DaDa dancehall toaster over a skillful yet haphazard improv building of this art dance madness. It is heavy gabber. It is trance blanket. It is nursery rhyme. His is wild. Guitar, synth, voice, kick and snare, He comes from a tradition of sonic mess-making, experimental world-building and language-mangling.

As collaborators now for over 25 years, KRAMER and LUMBEROB create majestic avalanches of sound, especially on this new project, HUNTER GATHER. This music is urgent madness, at times overflowing-ly decorative, at times lusciously psych-ready, with an unpredictably eclectic sonic vaudeville energy. Call it Dada Ska, Electro-Skank, Fancy Bounce, LUMBEROBICS! This is urgent art dance for working things out! This is workout music for dancing things! Sign up soon! Teacher training! Get certified! LUMBEROB keeps a busy schedule of live performance going in NYC — be sure to come bounce. 

"Few musicians and their music have inspired me over the course of decades like LUMBEROB has, and few performance artists have inspired the kind of awe in me that just takes my breath away, over and over and over again. Onstage, there is no one to compare him to. You can't take your eyes off of him, and you leave with your ears glued to him forever." - Kramer on LUMBEROB

Shimmy-Disc is proud to have this most extraordinary, multi-disciplinary artist on its 21st century roster.

Lumberob's first release on the label was 2022's wildly unclassifiable 'Language Learner' (Shimmy-2010) * a very few copies are still available in the Shimmy Shop! 

HUNTER GATHER is noise-pop, art-rock, psych-primitive, dumb-dance. 
HUNTER GATHER teems with bright sounds, spinning visions, brut poetics.
Listen loudly.


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  • Tracklist

    SIDE A
    1 collapse
    2 dance away
    3 huntgather
    4 mouthmoon my genre
    5 steamwork
    6 folkgesture
    7 goodness knows
    8 deliciously
    9 maybelle

    SIDE B
    10 love is mine
    11 my goth acquaintance
    12 blanket pardon
    13 slow-mo
    14 slam into the sky
    15 nobody mind
    16 dark swimmer
    17 jump sweet
    18 you’ll never know

    Digital Only - BONUS TRACKS
    fuzzy pickle
    once upon

  • Credits

    all songs written,performed,recorded by LUMBEROB (rob erickson ASCAP)
    Mixed and Mastered by Kramer
    Produced by LUMBEROB & KRAMER, 2024
    recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Westmonster Studio, Ditmas Park
    Design and Layout by Rob Erickson and Ryan Hover
    violin & kalimba by Catherine McRea
    additional guitars by Tobin Scroggins & David Mendez
    vocals by Alicia Cigna
    percussion by Juan Jose Lopez & Ariel Soto
    plus one piano note by Kramer
    all other guitars, synths, drums, loops, vocals are Rob Erickson
    front cover Ubu photo by Stephanie Mankins
    with background design by Lucas Van Lenten
    back cover screen dots by Rob
    demon illustration by Tallulah Goddard Mankins