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Daniel Johnston

Various Artists - I Killed the Monster - 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston (Second-Shimmy 2006)

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This long-out-of-print CD was the first on Kramer's short-lived 'Second-Shimmy' label, launched with this release in 2006. Twenty One songs featuring luminous contributions from 21 artists ranging from Sufjan Stevens & Daniel Smith, to Jad Fair & Kramer, Mike Watt, Dot Allison, Lumberob and R. Stevie Moore, this is a MUST-HAVE for any self-respecting Daniel Johnston fan. His songs have never been sung better, except of course by he himself.
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  • Tracklist

    1. Dot Allison - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on your Grievances
    2. Daniel Smith & Sufjan Stevens - Worried Shoes
    3. Joy Zipper - Held the Hand
    4. Kramer - Bloody Rainbow
    5. R. Stevie Moore - Cathy Cline
    6. Kimya Dawson - Follow That Dream
    7. Lumberob - Honey I Sure Miss You
    8. Jad Fair & Kramer - True Love Will Find You In the End
    9. Rope, Inc - Tears Stupid Tears
    10. The Electric Ghosts - Blue Skies Will Haunt You From Now On
    11. Chris Harford - Going Down
    12. Mad Francis - Rowboat
    13. Jeffery Lewis - The Adventures of God as A Young Boy
    14. Major Matt Mason USA - Mind Contorted
    15. Toby Goodshank - Now
    16. The Dick Panthers - Go Fast and Go Some More
    17. The Sutcliffe's - Foxy Girl
    18. Kickstand - Cosmic Kid
    19. Emily Zuzik - Love Wheel
    20. Mike Watt - Walking the Cow
    21. Tess - It's Over

  • Credits

    All songs by Daniel Johnston